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Course manager's update: "We only had 13mm of rain in June"

by Dan Murphy News

Course manager's update:

I bet none of you would have thought that three months ago that we would be crying out for rain by July but we are.

In June we only had 13mm of rainfall which is definitely a record. We are sorrel-rolling (rollers with short spikes on that go in about 20mm). We are applying wetting agent (a water-penetrant similar to fairy liquid), watering with the automatic irrigation system and hand-watering the high spots with hosepipes.

We have banned smoking on the course to try to prevent fires and I would like to ask trolley and buggy users, when going round the greens, not to go between the greens and the bunkers.

Because of the wet winters, we are upgrading our drainage system and we plan to do some more this August, but because of this long, hot dry spell, we may need to look at upgrading our irrigation system also.

We have had a great start to the season with excellent Lady and Gentleman Captains’ Days and a very good Open Qualifying competition when the course has been shown off at its very best. The hard work of my team has really shown up but we strive to always do better.

I hope for a good turnout of the display of machinery. From 4pm at the greenkeepers’ complex, most of my team will be in attendance along with Jonathan Taylor and Murray Long, our course adviser, so feel free to ask any questions you like and hopefully you will get an answer.

After this will be a trip to the clubhouse for a presentation by Matthew Brighton, my Deputy, on various topics that come up on the course which I feel you will find very interesting.

– Phillip Taylor

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